What operating systems do your bots work on?

All of our programs work on PC, our Mac if you sign up for Sole Seekr Server.

Can I install Sole Seekr on other computers?

Sole Seekr requires a username and password to use. You can only be signed in to one computer a time. To use on other computer, please purchase an additional login from our store.

What is PIL -5?

When on Nike.com, when you first add the shoe to cart, Nike sends the message PIL -5. This message gets sent to all Nike.com customers, and is what appears before you get placed in line for a sneaker. Just wait, and you will get placed in line, and be able to cop your shoes.

What are Early Links?

Early links are a direct link to a product. Our bots scan the early link until the product is available.

What is PID and SKU?

PID and SKU are the numbers that tells our SNKRS bot what product and size to try for. The day before every release, @soleseekr will tweet out the product id, and the SKU. The SKU selects the size that the bot adds to cart, and the PID, or product id tells the bot which product to select.

How do I set up email and text notifications?

If you want to use Gmaiil, use these settings:
Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 587
Use SSL: Yes
Username: Your gmail address
Password: Your gmail password
Gmail requires a one-time setup for “external” mail senders. It’s very fast, just go here: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps